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  • Sara Wagner York

    Sara Wagner York

    Teacher, transgirl, father and grandma

  • crisvector


    Illustrator and father's apprentice

  • yuri costa

    yuri costa

    filho da poeira. diretor do ELEGUÁ e do EGUM. https://facebook.com/egumfilme | https://facebook.com/eleguafilme

  • Thainá Campos Seriz

    Thainá Campos Seriz

    Historian (UFF’s Bachelor degree). Former columnist Coletivo Pretaria. Fighting for equity and racial, gender, social justice. Brazilian. Bisexual. Vegan.

  • Jornal Diáspora Negra

    Jornal Diáspora Negra

    O jornal do povo preto

  • Medium em Português

    Medium em Português


  • Morgan Jerkins

    Morgan Jerkins

    Morgan Jerkins is the Senior Editor at ZORA and a New York Times bestselling author. Her debut novel, “Caul Baby,” will be published by Harper in April 2021.

  • Maria Augusta Arruda

    Maria Augusta Arruda

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